Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I had a heck of a time formatting this post, so I guess we're doing pictures first.

Below is a picture of the boys watching out the window for trucks. It's daily event in our house. Unfortunately, it almost always ends with one boy on the ground crying.


^ My big Reecey-Bear ^

Me and boys are a "Rib Cook-Off" in September. Randy is on the right, Reece left.

Reece left, Randy right
^Randy playing in the grass ^

Taking the Big Beasties out in public is usually quite the ordeal. Really though, it's not what you think. This time, it's not their fault. The Big Beasties are usually on their absolute BEST behavior when we are out and about. It's a phenomenon I can't explain. Here are two major problems: 1. People are crazy 2. Me lugging around the Big Beasties is a logistical nightmare sometimes.

1. Every time I go out in public with the boys, we somehow become a circus act all in itself. Random strangers are constantly gawking, asking questions and touching, yes touching the boys. At first I thought this was cute, but after awhile, I really just want to buy my groceries in peace. On any one trip to the store, we are stopped by countless people. Most of them want to know the answers to the following questions:
-Are they twins? "Yep, they sure are!"
-Are they identical? "Nope. If you look closely, you'll see that one has blue eyes, one has brown, one has blond hair one has darker hair." I know I have to cut people a little slack on this one. The boys do look a lot alike. In fact, my Dad still gets them messed up. Why, I don't really know, but whatever, he's getting old.

Of course those are the two most common questions, but once in awhile, strangers get a little bit more personal.
-Are they natural? This one really kills me. What I want to say is "Aren't all babies natural?" Instead, I smile and politely say "yes". How is this an appropriate questions for strangers to be asking? I don't know.....people are crazy. Sometimes I'd like to ask random parents of singletons if their babies are "natural". I can just imagine the looks I'd get. For some reason, people assume I used some form of fertility treatment because I have twins. (For the record, we DID NOT use fertility treatment. That being said, I certainly feel for people dealing with fertility issues.)
-Did you have a natural birth? Here we go again...I think I'll start asking random women if they pushed their babies out their hoo-hoo or if they had a C-section. Again...is this an appropriate question to ask a stranger at Target, I don't think so. (For the record, I had a C-section and loved it.)
-You must really have your hands full!! Here' s my answer-"Yes, I do, but they are really good boys." What I want to say, "Yup, now get the heck out of my way! I need to finish my shopping before they start screaming..then I would certainly have my hands full!"

Disclaimer: I really don't mind all of the questions and attention from random strangers. Honestly, it's really quite amusing. People NEVER cease to amaze me.

2. It's very difficult to go alone to certain places with the boys such as Blockbuster or the Post Office.

I never take the boys to Blockbuster with me. It's just too much work. Take the double stroller out, unload the boys, walk around the store for less than 5 minutes, put the boys back in the car, pack up the double stroller. Not worth it...that is unless you are desperate. I was desperate once this summer. The boys were about 20lbs a piece at the time. For some dumb reason, I thought I could just carry them in the store with me instead of using the stroller. You know, skip a few, make things a little easier. As soon as I walked into the store I knew immediately that this was a BAD idea. For starters, the second I walked in, everyone in the entire store stopped what they were doing and looked at me. (It must have been quite the sight I guess.) I knew the questions were about to start coming... Like I said, usually I am extra polite and answer all of the questions. This time however, I literally had my hands full. By the time I entered the store I was seriously out of breath. Why you ask? From lugging 40lbs of baby, plus two carriers from the parking lot into the store. It gets me every time. Instead of trying to answer the same old questions over and over while being out of breathe, what did I do? I bee lined it to the horror movie section. I made eye contact with no one...I then pretended to be really interested in horror movies until I caught my breath. It worked, but I never did it again.

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  1. If they grow up to be as beautiful as their mother, they're gonna break a lot of hearts! :) I love the blog, God bless you. <3