Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our first family outing...

On our second sleep-deprived day home, the Big Beasties had their first doctor's appointment. Randy and I scrambled to get them ready and out the door on time. It was rough, but we got the job done. To be honest, I barely remember this part of the day. I think I was still wandering around in a haze.

We arrived at the clinic and unpacked our big double stroller. Before we even made our way into the building, we were stopped by total strangers who wanted to see the boys and ask us a bunch of questions. Are they twins? Yes, they are twins. Are they identical? Nope, not identical. How do you tell them apart? You must be so tired. On and on...We didn't mind. We were proud new parents. (To this day, every time we go out, we get the same questions. I'll save these stories for another day.)

The boys exam checked out perfectly. At the end of the appointment, the doctor looked over at Randy and I and asked us how we were holding up. I guess he could see through our smiles. Randy and I looked at each other, imagine the deer-in-headlights look. I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. There was no holding back. I completely broke. The three of talked about the struggles of becoming new parents, the stress of caring for two infants, and of coarse, the lack of sleep. Randy held my hand the entire time. At the end of the conversation, the doctor told us that it WOULD get better. Randy and I looked at each other, completely unconvinced.

Randy at the first doctor's appointment.

Me and Big Beasties getting ready to leave the doctor's officel.

After our doctors appointment, we decided to take the boys to visit Grandma Sharon. (Just a little more info for those who don't know: Sharon runs a home for people with Alzheimer's.) Once we arrived, the house was abuzz. The ladies were just in love with the boys. Grandma Sharon and the ladies took the boys. Lots of awing, cuddling, kissing, and singing ensued. For the first time in a week, Randy and I didn't have babies in our arms. We immediately headed for the kitchen....We lucked out! Fresh hot delicious chili! We helped ourselves to a bowl. In between bites, I looked up and Randy and I locked eyes. Again, the tears returned to my eyes. The stress was breaking me. (Lack of sleep certainly didn't help these matters either.) Randy reached over and grabbed my hand. I knew that every thing was going to be okay. I must say, it was one of the most romantic moments of my life. Yes, a bowl of chili at the my mother-in-laws house. That moment beat out our romantic time spent in Hawaii. It beat out fancy dinners at high-end restaurants. In that moment, I knew that I had a true partner. Here' a picture from that day.

Please take note of how fabulous I look...

And just for fun, here is a recent picture of the Big Beasties

Grandpa Joe was an extra for the movie "Public Enemies" hence the shirts.

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