Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To my 10 loyal followers:
I must apologize for my extended leave of absence. I wish that I could report that Randy and I ran off to Mexico for another fun filled week, but no. We have been busy cleaning and scrubbing our little (okay medium sized) butts off!!!

About two weeks ago, we thought that maybe we should consider selling our condo to get a bigger house. The ole condo just isn't big enough for the Big Beasties and all of their "stuff". To give you a little idea what I'm talking about, our living room the home of 2 red race car walkers, 2 height chairs, 2 exersaucers, toys, balls, rattles, boppys and bumbos. That's not all folks! We can't forget Marley.... She has her kennel, food water and toys too! Needless to say, we are packed to the max.

In the past two weeks, we somehow managed to clean our entire place, rent a 10x10x10 storage unit and fill it from floor to ceiling, clean out our garage, paint 3 rooms and "stage" the entire house for showings. In addition, we have attended two weddings and a bachelor party. (All of these events were out of town mind you!) If you are not impressed yet, you should be.

Since Mommy and Daddy were preoccupied, the Big Beasties had to make their own fun. They found all kinds of fun things to do on their own. Trying to stick fingers in light sockets, knocking over ice cream pails of Pine Sol water on the carpet, tipping over bar stools ontop of themselves, eating Marley's toys and playing in garbages to name a few fun things they did.

All in all, it was a very stressful, yet productive past few weeks. Thank goodness it's over!!! Hopefully we'll be able to sell soon so that the Big Beasties will have lots of room to play and do sassy Big Beastie things!

Take care all!!
PS I'll post a few recent pictures soon! They are just too cute not to share.

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