Sunday, May 9, 2010


We are moving to our new house this week. It's a day that Randy and I have looked forward to for months and months, yet there hasn't been in a day in a week or so that I didn't get teary eyed when thinking about moving. Each time my eyes got misty, I couldn't put my finger on exactly why that was. My goodness, we are moving to a beautiful house a little bit outside of the city. It has nearly double the square footage that we have now and a huge yard for the boys to play in. Why am I the least bit sad to leave our condo? Is it that I'll miss having our friends over all of the time? Will I miss the nice short 15 minute commute to work? Maybe it's that I'll be over 10 minutes from the nearest fast food restaurant? The question puzzled me until tonight.

I've been packing for weeks. It takes a lot out of a pregnant lady to pack up a house, so I've been taking my time. After I put the boys to sleep tonight, I realized that their room was the only room in the house that isn't littered with moving boxes. Each picture is still perfectly positioned on the walls. Nothing looks out of the norm. As I was folding a load of laundry, it hit me. It's all about nostalgia.

I can vividly remember the day I picked up the keys to the condo. Randy was still at work. I was all alone in the house. I remember laying on the floor in what would end up being the boy's room surrounded by white bare walls. The place was dead silent. I found myself day dreaming about what the future held for Randy and I. While I was lying there, I pictured us getting married and probably having a baby. I imagined what it would be like to bring a baby to our new home. Never did I imagine that in less than five years later, I would be sitting here with twin boys and a baby girl on the way.

Fast forward three years from the time we just moved into the condo.. In that very same room I had my day dream, I found myself designing the perfect nursery for my baby boys. I mulled over this nursery for hours upon hours each day. After much searching, I finally found the perfect paint color, the perfect wall decor, the perfect bedding and mobiles, and a beautiful nursery lamp. I moved the cribs around until the angles were just right. Since that time, the boy's room has hands-down been my favorite room in the house.

It is in this room that I can still picture my two newborn babies sleeping next to each other in their crib. They were so tiny and perfect. Randy and I would stand over their crib while they slept and marvel at the fact that there were TWO perfect babies sleeping in the crib. I can remember the uneasy feeling of being a new mom. I remember sleeping on the floor of their room when they were newborns because they got up to frequently.

It is here that night after night I go in and peak on my babies before bed. Each night, I am amazed with them. It's so unbelievable how fast they grow. I love watching them sleep. Somehow, watching them sleep, takes away all of the stress of the day. To this day, their room is my last stop before I go to bed. It never fails that I leave their room grinning ear to ear. I usually comment to Randy something to the effect of "they are so beautiful" or "I love them so much".

I'll be taking down the nursery sometime later this week. I'm sure I'll cry the entire time but I'll blame it on nostalgia (and I suppose the fact that I am a hormonal pregnant lady). I'm sure in my mind I'll have flashbacks and wish that I could just keep the room forever. After all, it reminds of a very special time in my life and brings me to the reality that the boys are growing up and we are growing as a family. I know that I'll always have the memories, but I like having the room because it's tangible.

Very soon, we will make the perfect rooms for the boys and our baby girl at our new house. Like the nursery, these rooms that will help create unforgettable memories as well..

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