Monday, May 3, 2010

What are little boys made of...

When I was pregnant with the twins, I hoped and hoped that I would have at least one little boy. There is just something so magical and precious about little boys. These two little beasts are exactly what I had in mind when I dreamt of little boys.

They are little boys through and through. They love to get in trouble, really they do. Not only do they love to get in trouble, it seems some days they live to get in trouble. It may seem impossible for 18 month olds, but they know exactly what to do. Their giggle when when they are doing something that they shouldn't be unmistakable. I should also mention, when they are getting in trouble, it's always in tandem. When one spots trouble, they use their secret "language" to communicate. No joke.

They love to get dirty, use random household objects as weapons, and use the weapons to hit things or each other. They think the world of trucks, tractors, heavy machinery, cows, puppies, birds and balls. Little boys to the core. I really couldn't have asked for little boys that are anymore "boy".

This past weekend Daddy was out of town, so I took the boys to little boys paradise; up north to see my parents. They had the time of their lives. The beasts got to play in the sandbox, see horses and cows, ride on four-wheelers, eat ice cream cones, cheese balls, and half a water-melon, throw rocks in the pond, hang out with their big cousin Kade, have a camp fire and stay up 2 hours past their bedtime each night. They were in little boy heaven.

Reecey playing in the sand box.
Grandpa Mike, Kade, Randy and Reece

Randy enjoying his first ever ice cream cone. Please note his messy shirt.

Below: Uncle Joey and Reece sitting by the campfire.

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