Thursday, June 25, 2009

We have the best babies EVER...

The day the boys were born, I was high in more ways than one. It was truly amazing becoming a mother to two beautiful, perfectly healthy baby boys. (The other reason I was high was the IV Diluadid, but whatever.) I'll never forget the first time I held them. It was very surreal. Randy and I were blissfully happy. The long wait was over, our boys were here. Everything seemed perfect. The first night of their life, the nurses encouraged Randy and I to send the boys to the nursery. No way we thought! We want them right here with us. We kept them in the room and the blissfulness continued. Randy, the boys and I all were dead asleep by 9:30pm. The boys woke up a few times throughout the night to nurse and went immediately back to sleep. Ahhh, life was great. We were thrilled. Things seemed to be going well. Everyone kept saying how much work twins would be. Day 1 was a piece of cake. Lucky us we thought, our boys are such good sleepers!

Day 2
More of the same blissfulness. We had lots of visitors and we were so proud to show off our boys. They NEVER cried! It was a miracle I say. Since the boys had yet to really be in the nursery at all, the nurses encouraged us to send them for the night. "You two need to get your rest, " they told us. Oh no, we told them, we want them to stay. Around 10 pm, they finally convinced us to send the boys. I only sent them under the condition that the nurses would bring them back to feed. I expected the boys would be getting up around 1am. Randy and I again promptly fell asleep. I woke up around 1:30am and called the nurse. I asked if they would please bring in the boys to nurse. She told me that she already fed them. She said that I was sleeping so soundly that she didn't want to wake me. Well, I tell ya, this really irritated me. They were due to get up to eat next around 3:30am. I barely slept the rest of that night because I thought the nurses would "accidentally" forget to wake me. At 3:25 I called the nurse. She brought in the boys. They nursed and again, went right back to sleep. In the morning, Randy and I marveled at how well the boys slept. We have the BEST babies ever!!

Day 3

All smiles from everyone! The boys were as content as can be. We were planning our discharge for the next day. In preparation for going home, Randy and I thought we would keep the boys in our room all night. We ordered pizza, feed the boys and put them down for bedtime. One of them started fussing immediately, so I held him for awhile and he eventually fell asleep in my arms. I put him in his bassinet and I crawled into my bed. Not 2 minutes later, the other baby started. I remember exchanging a slightly puzzled look with Randy. Baby #2 also fell asleep in my arms after a short time. I was all snuggled in my bed for the second time by about 10pm. Not bad... By 10:15 both boys were screaming inconsolably. They weren't hungry or wet, what was the problem? After about 10 minutes of screaming, Randy and I decided to walk them in the halls. We were surprised to see 4 other couples doing the same thing. All of us with a confused/tired looks on our faces. We walked and walked, lap after lap. The boys were no screaming, just fussing. Once we got them both quiet, we tried to lay them down. They cried. This story repeats itself several times over. While walking our laps, we stared at the nurses as we walked by. Wasn't anyone going to help us!!

It was like 1am. Finally, we walked the boys to the nursery ourselves. On a side note, the other couples pacing the halls with their babies quickly followed suit. We had no shame. We caved. I must say, it was quite amusing to see the couples line up with their babies as we were checking ours in. It seemed no one wanted to be the first. Needless to say, the boys stayed there until morning. I asked that they not be brought in to nurse.

Day 4
We were tired. Randy and I were wondering what the heck had happened the night before. Who knows, must be a fluke we thought. Our boys NEVER cry. They eat and go right back to sleep.
We were ready to go home. Our plan was to pack up and get home ASAP. Football was on and the hospital certainly did not have the Sunday Ticket.

We put the boys in their "going home outfits". As you can see, even the teeny tiny preemie outfits didn't fit.

Don't ask who's who because I have no idea. They have different hats on, so I know that there is a picture of each of them.

It took what seemed like forever to get all of the discharge paperwork done.

Here we are all set to go!! Let's go home and raise some babies!!!

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